Online blackjack review

Online blackjack general information

Blackjack is a very easy and high frequency game, which provides plenty of chances to win. Blackjack online free practice can be provided, so new comers can easily learn the game play, its tricks and specialties. The rules are also very simple, so learning process can be completed during free practice sessions that are offered by many online casinos.

What is blackjack?

Online blackjack is played at the table against a dealer or other players. The target is to reach 21 point and note to exceed it. 21 point can be reached by using cards that have certain value. If the maximum number is not reached, a player or a bank can stop and the party that has the upper hand wins. There are also several options that may include side bets and other features.

Blackjack gameplay features

When it comes to play blackjack online, it has to be beard in mind that the cards value has to be remembered well. Cards have certain value and the target number 21 or blackjack must not be exceeded. The value is calculated as follows:

  • Numbers from 2 to 10 have its face value.
  • K, Q, J are valued as 10 points.
  • A is valued as 11 or 1.

When it comes to Ace, it is usually valued as 11 but can be changed to 1 when the amount may exceed 21. It is as simple as that.

How to win in playing blackjack

When playing live and trying to win in online blackjack, it has to be remembered that certain strategies have to be followed. The game is played 1-9 decks with 52 cards in each. It means that probability theory still can be implemented and depended on the number of players certain sequences can be determined. Make sure that chances are calculated well and try not to exceed the 21 points mark.

Live blackjack

Blackjack online offers outstanding opportunity to play against live dealer. Latest technologies allow to see and experience real casino atmosphere right in front of player’s desktop. It certainly makes substantial difference and overall gameplay is also regarded to be very exciting. This is why lots of people prefer to skip animated versions of the game and stick to the live room.

Types of blackjack

Online blackjack offers different varieties, which are often designed by Microgaming. The varieties may have different rules or visual differences. Here are some types that are regarded to be very popular:

  • Traditional blackjack.
  • Perfect pairs.
  • Double exposure blackjack.
  • Video blackjack.
  • Blackjack switch.
  • Electronic blackjack tables.
  • Vegas blackjack.
  • Stadium blackjack.
  • American blackjack.
  • European blackjack.

Slight difference in rules and bets distinct the above mentioned types of blackjack type from one to the other.

Features of blackjack

Most of the features in any type of features of blackjack including free online blackjack are distinct by its types and rules. However some of the features are roughly the same for every game. It includes:

  • Aces calculations and use of these calculations.
  • Value of number cards stays the same all the times.
  • Side bets can be used in any variety of blackjack.
  • 21 points will ever have to be exceeded.
  • When the number is reached by a dealer and a player, dealer normally has the upper hand but it may vary.

When choosing certain game type, it is always better to have some free practice in order to get to grips with it.

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