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Josh Tong

Content Strategist in Washington, DC

Josh Tong

Content Strategist in Washington, DC

User-Centered Design

My approach to design combines methods from content strategy, design thinking, lean UX, and agile development. I draw upon low-cost research methods and iterative processes to discover, decide, build, and refine, so the results fulfill business objectives and meet users’ needs.

Diagram of a user-centered design process that combines design thinking, lean UX, and agile development
Diagram by Dave Landis, “What Does Lean UX Have that I Don’t? [Part 1 of 3].”


Before jumping to conclusions, learn about your users, business, partners, and competitors. Think broadly to draw inspiration from other industries. Choose a mix of methods that suits the project's schedule. Continue doing research throughout all stages of the design process.


Synthesize your research and ideas. Validate them with users and stakeholders. Establish priorities and define possible solutions.


Create prototypes, test them with users, and iterate. When a prototype succeeds, build and launch the product or service.


Monitor performance. Listen to users. Identify problems and test new solutions. Repeat the process—discover, decide, build, refine—to solve old and new problems in better ways.



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